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      Welcome to FetishBase Foot Fetish Community You can register our community for free, share your ideas, chat with people or promote your website. You can find all kind of fetishes; foot worship, trampling, amateur bare feet,lesbian humiliation, footjob, sexy soles, food crush, sexy high arches and more. You need to validate your email address in order to be an active member. Please note that we do not tolerate spam. 


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    Sophia’s Bare Feet Grape Crush Clip (Full HD 1080p) Sophia is a beautiful and dominant Bulgarian girl with perfect shaped feet and toes. She wears an anklet and has teal blue polished and freshly pedicured toes. In this grape crush video you can see Sophia squashing grapes under their lovely bare feet. She starts making wine with both her feet. You can see her sweet toes bend against the edges of the box as she steps on the grapes. Sophia loves the feeling of juicy grapes exploding beneath her bare soles. The grapes don`t even know what hit them before they are trampled to a pulp. This great bare feet grape crush is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 03:05 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. You can check the details and the preview images at: Food Crush Clips