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      Welcome to FetishBase Foot Fetish Community You can register our community for free, share your ideas, chat with people or promote your website. You can find all kind of fetishes; foot worship, trampling, amateur bare feet,lesbian humiliation, footjob, sexy soles, food crush, sexy high arches and more. You need to validate your email address in order to be an active member. Please note that we do not tolerate spam. 


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  1. We are new here!

    Welcome on board. We would like to see your feet videos and photos.
  2. Hello, i m Iris, i m new here

    Hi and welcome on board. We would like to see your photos..
  3. Greek Foot Fetish Forum

    Hi, We may consider creating a special forum for Greek people. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, I created a poll for you.. please vote and let's see the results I personally love arches and soles..
  5. Hi guys, Which country is the best for a foot fetish and why? Let's share our thoughts.. I personally visited lots of country and had many many foot fetish experiences. I believe USA is the best place for a foot fetish guy. American girls wear flip-flops even in winter They are beautiful and they have really very sexy feet. Once I visited Germany and girls are very beautiful there but it was winter so I couldn't see any bar feet, unfortunately
  6. You can post German topics in this forum.
  7. Post Your General Questions Here

    Post any general questions about the forum, it's functions, or rules in this section
  8. How to Post Pics on the Forum

    You can post pictures in two ways. First, you can upload the images to our servers and add to the post. The second way is to upload it from another website. I hope you find this topic useful.
  9. The Official Rules & Regulations

    Welcome to FetishBase Foot Forum. We are an amicable bunch. You will have an enjoyable stay here as long as you follow the rules and guidelines below. Disregarding any of these rules could get you banned without warning. Rules & Regulations You must be at least 18 years of age to be a member. Do not post anything inappropriate. By that I mean do not post anything involving minors, incest, bestiality...etc. Use common sense. This is a female feet forum only. No male feet period. Treat all members with respect. Disrespecting your fellow members could lead to your banishment without warning. No member is allowed more than one account. Post appropiate content in the appropiate forums. (URLs, Pictures, Adult Content, etc) No spamming! Folks are welcomed to promote their sites. Those doing so in an excessive manner will be warned or banned. Refrain from posting in all caps. Doing that is considered rude and it makes posts harder to read. Follow the directions and heed all advice from the Mods. No exceptions. No password trading. Do not resurrect an excess amout of old post. Doing so does nothing but push down the newer posts. Avatars & Signatures Your avatar should not exceed 150 pixels wide or 200 pixels tall. Disregarding this will lead to your avatar privileges being disabled. Your signature should not exceed 500 pixels wide or 200 pixels tall. This means the total surface area, including text and images.