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  1. Some candid feet I shot over the past couple of days. Please let me know your opinions.
  2. What kind of Crush Clips Would You Like to See?

    I would like to watch multi girls barefoot crush clips. Or multi girls flip flop crush clips.
  3. Candid Feet Shoeplay Close up Candid Feet Video Link: http://www.fetishfire.com/video/479/candid-feet-shoeplay-close-up
  4. Adorable Perfect candid feet She has highly arched super sexy feet and soles. Clip link: http://www.fetishfire.com/video/477/adorable-perfect-candid-feet
  5. Perfect Footjob with Perfect Toes Full HD Video

    She must be a BBW, her toes are really perfect. Would be wonderful to have a footjob with them.
  6. I love Leah's petite and meaty soles. She is so lovely.
  7. Clean sexy soles.. I like them.
  8. Taken at a basketball tournament in 2011. Couple of brunettes that were watching one of the games. The one on the right had caught my eye. After the event, I was reviewing these pictures and noticed the one on the left was pretty hot as well; better looking, even. Something about the way her feet are positioned and how she crosses her long toes. I didn't really pay her much mind at the time, also she was sandwiched between two people, so I didn't manage any close-up shots. Wish I had. Fans of longer toes may prefer this set.
  9. Some nice sole shots of my aunt

    I had to be very careful getting these pics, but they were so worth it. Her legs are so long and her feet looked sexy
  10. Cuban Milf Candid Feet

    Cuban Milf Candid Feet
  11. Cuban Milf Candid Feet

    Cuban Milf Candid Feet
  12. Cuban Milf Candid Feet

    Cuban Milf Candid Feet I knew that sooner or later this lady would provide me with a great foot show. Another Cuban woman joined the group and her feet, you can see them, are not bad at all. Pics are in reverse order, anyway
  13. Perfect Feet and Soles Candid Feet Video

    Thank you bad robot, yes her feet are super sexy.
  14. Sexy Candid Feet Photos

    Sexy Candid Feet Photos
  15. Indian milf's blue toes w/faceshot

    Indian Milf Candid Feet Video