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  1. Hi Oscar,

    my name is Helene and i'm a foot model. I would ask you if I could make pub for my website and share instagram account in the adult section of the forum ?

    If you don't want i will uderstand totally why :)


    have a great day :)


    Kisses, Helene

    1. darkman


      Hi Helene,

      You can share your links at:

      You can also share your video previews on adult / fetish section.


  2. New feet here ☺️

    Welcome on board and thanks for sharing your feet photos...
  3. Huge fetish anniversary weekend!!!

    I wasn't in the US, If I were, I would go without doubt. Which state - city did take place this party? What kind of experiences did you have there? I hope you enjoyed.
  4. I love high arches and nice pink / reddish soles..
  5. Anyone ever been to a fetish party?

    Germany is one of the best places for fetish people. There are fetish sections in their massage saloons. They serve fetish and BDSM massages. It wasn't a fetish party, but I went to Berlin 2 years ago, there is a place that's called Artemis. There were over 100 naked girls inside, (all kinds, blondes, German, Indian, black girls) entrance 80 Euro, and if you wanna bang one of them the price is 50 Euro. I chose a Romanian beautiful lady and she gave me a nice footjob. Once, I was in Detroit and wanted to go the footnight party, but I was so busy and couldn't.
  6. Twitter Login & Registration

    Hi everyone, We integrated our community with Twitter, so you can login & register to our fetish community foum with your Twitter account faster within a few seconds.
  7. Pedicures Only

    The last pedicured toes you sent are really sexy..
  8. Welcome on board! I visited Amsterdam, Netherlands, but there was no such an atmosphere to worship girls feet randomly There is a red light district which is a touristic place with full of hookers, it's 100% legal to have a footjob for money that I did a few times. I've never been in UK, but it should be good. Because of the weather you may not seen bare feet around, sadly.
  9. Your Favorite Fetish Category?

    I personally love feet worshiping and footjob.
  10. Why do we have fetishes? It's genetic or happened when we were children?
  11. Advertise on FetishBase Fetish Forums

    Hi Ashley, 300x250 spot is available, please send me a private message or use the contact form.
  12. Food Crush Fetish

    crushme welcome on board. I personally love food crush with sexy feet only. I believe most of foot fetish guys would love to eat/lick some dessert from sexy feet and soles. I would love to.
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  14. Thank you for the photos, I love your barefoot bread crush clips. Please take more like these.