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  1. Sexy CEI Published Apr 25, 2015 Cum Eating Instructions, Sensual Domination This is unlike any other cum eating instruction clip that I've made before. There is zero humiliation, just a completely sexy and sensual clip. I use tactics that I've never used before in order to get you to swallow every last drop of your hot load. The truth is: I WANT you to eat your cum. It actually turns me on. Don't you want to turn me on? *The name Luke is used in this clip. It is still extremely hot and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves CEI* CEI, Princess Lexie
  2. Hardest Countdown Ever Published May 20, 2015 Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction You just love My cum countdowns, don't you? You LIVE for that moment when I'm counting down and you're furiously jerking away at your dick, anticipating that second when I get to one and your balls finally blow that huge load. Well I've got something REALLY hot up My sleeve for you today. See, I think you're such a little jerk-off junkie, such a little addict for Me, that I should challenge you a little bit. Challenge you to 20 minutes of jerking for Me and ending with the hardest cum countdown EVER. That's right, this clip is full of countless countdowns, coercing you to edge again and again, to get so close for Me, over and over again, and then FINALLY end in the most difficult stage of all. Do you think you can make it through? Femdom Brat, Femdom POV, JOI Games, Masturbation Encouragement
  3. 70s Lexie Published May 21, 2015 Brat Girls, Jeans Fetish This is a fun little custom clip that My designer denim addicted little loser paid Me to make. First he bought Me these $500 Michael Kors high-waisted bell bottom jeans-don't they look super hot?! Then he paid for 2 custom clips for Me to wear them in. The first part is Me dancing to a 70's hit- "More Than A Feeling"-and the second part I talk about how sexy and cute I am in these bell-bottom jeans and how it's so easy for Me to spank your wallet while I'm wearing them. It's different than most of My other clips, but definitely a must for jeans lovers and Lexie addicts! Dancing, Femdom POV, Financial Domination, Masturbation Instruction
  4. Forever A Virgin Published May 22, 2015 Brat Girls, Virgin Humiliation Look at Me in this sexy lingerie. Outfits like these were just made to be fucked in-but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? lol no...you're just a pathetic little virgin who has never felt the pure ecstasy of sliding your cock in a warm wet pussy. And let's face it: you probably never will. You see, I've kind of ruined you sexually. Even if some poor desperate girl finally agreed to have sex with you, you probably couldn't get hard with her because she wouldn't look like Me, and she couldn't possibly understand that humiliation is what really gets you turned on. So you just sit at home, and jerk-off to My clips, like the pathetic little virgin boy that you are. Now cum for Me, you little addict: this is what your dick was made for. Femdom POV, Masturbation Humiliation, Masturbation Instruction
  5. My Big Expensive Tits Published May 23, 2015 Big Tits, Financial Domination know I was perfect before...but I decided I wanted some big fake tits, and I love them! To be frank, one of the reasons I wanted fake boobs is because they are EXPENSIVE, and don't I deserve the finest things in life? So I found the most expensive surgeon in My area and I improved upon perfection. Do you know how I can afford such nice big expensive tits? Because I have so many mindless pay pigs like you out there, duh! lololol you see Me on your screen and you can't help but want to hand over all your ca$h to Me. And now that I have these beautiful boobs, you're even more weak for Me, aren't you? Brat Girls, Tit Worship, Princess Lexie
  6. Why I Hate You Published May 24, 2015 Verbal Abuse, Verbal Humiliation Maybe you still don't understand why I hate losers like you. Or maybe you need another reminder. Or maybe you just want to jerk your stupid little dick while I tell you all the reasons why I hate your fucking guts. Whatever the reason: this clip is for you, bitches! Listen to Me tell you all of the specific reasons why you'll never fuck Me, why you're just not good enough for someone as hot as Me, and hopefully, by the end of this clip, you'll hate yourself just as much as I hate you! Bikini, Brat Girls, Humiliation
  7. The Brattier The Better Published Jul 12, 2015 Brat Girls, Financial Domination Look at Me: long blonde hair, sexy big boobs, don't I look like a total fucking BRAT?! lol and you absolutely love that about Me, don't you? Yeah, you love how bitchy, how greedy, and how absolutely BRATTY I am! Hearing Me talk about how much ca$h I I'm going to take from you without any remorse just makes you jerk your dick faster, lol you're just so PATHETIC! The brattier I am, the more the ca$h just rolls in and the more excited you get, *giggle*. That's why I always say: The Brattier, The Better! Bratty Princess, Femdom Brat, Verbal Humiliation
  8. Sucker For Pantyhose Published Jul 12, 2015 Masturbation Instruction, Pantyhose Domination You're just such a sucker for Me in pantyhose, aren't you? You've bought every single one of My hosiery clips and of course you'll buy this one immediately! I tease you in these silky sheer black pantyhose and your dick immediately stands at attention, throbbing like crazy. Watching My legs slide back and forth fills your body with so much pleasure, you just can't get enough. You need more of My long legs, more of My smooth thighs, more of My sexy ass. It feels good to be a weak little sucker for My legs and My ass, doesn't it? Femdom POV, Financial Domination, Jerk Off Instruction
  9. Infiltrating Your Brain Published Jul 13, 2015 Female Domination, Mind Fuck Sometimes you try to resist Me, you try to resist My beauty, My power, My charm. But I'm going to make it impossible for you to do that ever again. This time, I'm going to use all of My assets to totally infiltrate your brain and take complete control of you. All you have to do is watch, listen, and soon you'll feel your brain go mushy for Me. I'm an expert at turning your brain into nothing but a pliable blob for Me to do whatever I please with. Doesn't that sound good? We can just turn your brain off and focus on pleasing Me and getting off. Nothing else matters now. Femdom POV, Financial Domination, Masturbation Instruction
  10. Princess Lexie Shut Up And Eat It Published Jul 17, 2015 I'm going to be honest here: Cum Eating Instruction clips are one of My favorite categories to film. I love the idea of all you little whores out there, slurping up your own jizz for Me, I think it's great! But you know what really ticks Me off? I hate the fact that you say you're going to eat it and then you back out at the last second. Fucking HATE it! I don't want to hear your excuses, or listen to your apology, I want you to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND EAT IT! That's right, eat your cum for Me, little boy. I think this tight black catsuit and knee high boots will have you swallowing your load in no time!
  11. I'm Not Scary... Published Jul 19, 2015 Brat Girls, Financial Domination Sometimes My Dominatrix demeanor and outfits can be a little too intimidating for guys like you. But trust Me, I'm not scary at all! Look at Me: I'm just a cute little brat in pigtails, booty shorts, and thigh high socks, how much damage could I actually cause? lol...do you think I could tease you out of ca$h tribute after ca$h tribute? Maybe get some incriminating blackmail info out of you? Perhaps even COMPLETELY TAKE OVER your life?! lol I would never do anything like that...would I? Female Domination, Femdom POV, Humiliation
  12. Cock Worshiper Published Aug 20, 2015 Bi Humiliation, Gay Jerk Off Instructions I know your secret. While this little habit may have started with just an occasional coerced bi clip purchase by you, it has spiraled into a bonafide COCK OBSESSION. Now every single one of your jerk-off sessions involves dick, and you absolutely love it! You've become an absolute COCK WORSHIPER for Me, haven't you?! So since you just can't get enough of worshiping and admiring cock, I've prepared a special clip for you, faggot! This is just what a little cock worshiping whore like you needs: 17 and a half minutes full of 18 sexy, thick, veiny, throbbing dicks. I wonder if you can even make it to the end? Female Domination, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction,
  13. Princess Lexie Click + Pay While You Jerk Published Aug 22, 2015 Financial Domination, Jerk Off Instruction Look at you. Always coming back for more abuse and financial ruin. you're really pathetic, ya know that? Yeah, I mean it's so obvious why you're a 47 year old virgin and always will be a virgin. There's a few reasons actually: your dick is too small, you're too addicting to jerking to virtual girls like Me, and most of all you just LOVE to send Me money while I humiliate you, lol! Well I think it's time to stop fighting it and just face the facts: this is who you are, this is who you'll always be. A little virgin click-and-pay loser for Me! I know that when I tease you with My hot sexy body like this then you'll do whatever I say. So why don't you start jerking that pathetic little dick for Me, yes just like that, good boy. In fact, why don't you edge for Me too. Open My tribute page while you're at it, you're too weak to say no. It's time to play a little game: let's see how much $$$$ I can get from you before I finally let you cum! *This is a custom clip and the name Victor is used. It will still be enjoyed by many.* Brat Girls, Femdom Brat, Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation
  14. Bitchy Blackmail Published Aug 24, 2015 Blackmail Fantasy, Blackmail Fetish You know what's great about being Me? The bitchier I act, the weaker you get, and the more submissive to Me you become. When I throw on this sexy black catsuit and start talking about how I'm going to extract personal information from you, I'm just too hot for you to say no to. It's so easy for Me to use My power over a weak little man like you, how can you resist My bitchy blackmail? Female Domination, Femdom POV, Financial Domination
  15. Shoe Licker Cum Eater Published Aug 24, 2015 Cum Eating Instructions, Shoe Licking Custom Clip: "Hi again! Please use the name "Vladi" in the clip, no fat guy or small dick offenses. Please wear worn looking, closed black leather high heels (at least no clean/new shoes) or, if no used heels available, black leather boots. Make me get down on the floor and lick your entire shoes clean at first and show them into the cam a bit. You allow me to jerk while licking - please be mean and bratty and degrade me while I do this. Then you want me to shoot my load up towards my open mouth after a countdown at your command and swallow. Please use my name while degrading me and ordering me to cum. I have to scoop up the cum that does not hit my mouth from my body with my hand and eat it while you look at me and degrade me some more and make me say "bratty and worshippy"-things for you. Please spit on me while I lick up the cum a few times in a degrading way. Feel free to improvise in between. Thank you very much!" Brat Girls, Femdom POV, Foot Domination, Shoe Fetish