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Found 19 results

  1. She has pretty feet, hasn't she? Her dirty soles seem very pretty too.
  2. Sophia’s Bare Feet Grape Crush Clip (Full HD 1080p) Sophia is a beautiful and dominant Bulgarian girl with perfect shaped feet and toes. She wears an anklet and has teal blue polished and freshly pedicured toes. In this grape crush video you can see Sophia squashing grapes under their lovely bare feet. She starts making wine with both her feet. You can see her sweet toes bend against the edges of the box as she steps on the grapes. Sophia loves the feeling of juicy grapes exploding beneath her bare soles. The grapes don`t even know what hit them before they are trampled to a pulp. This great bare feet grape crush is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 03:05 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. You can check the details and the preview images at: Food Crush Clips
  3. Sophia’s Sexy Feet on the Carpet (Full HD) Sophia is a beautiful and dominant Bulgarian girl with perfect shaped feet and toes. She wears an anklet and has teal blue polished and freshly pedicured toes. She shows her sexy soles for you while she rests on a carpet. This great barefoot and soles show clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 04:09 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. Clip details and the preview images: Sexy Feet Clips
  4. Beth’s Close up Bare Feet Stomach Trampling (Full HD) Beth is a civil engineer student at a college, she is so sexy and has 6 size attractive feet. You will see her pinkish sexy soles very close in the video. She tramples the guys stomach without stopping with her all weight. This great barefoot trampling clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 04:09 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. Clip preview images and details at: https://www.tramplemania.com/product/beths-close-bare-feet-stomach-trampling/
  5. Beth’s Sexy, Playful Feet Show (Full HD) Beth is our newest foot model in the studio. She is excited about showing off her feet for you. She enjoyed by being filmed and did a great job. This great barefoot show clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 3:46 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. Clip details: https://www.wantfeet.com/product/beths-sexy-playful-feet-show/
  6. Here's another true story for my second post! This experience was and still is very special to me and I thought I would share. I can't remember the exact shoe size but I would guess around 5 1/2 - 6. This story takes place a little after my high school graduation. But to start, we have to go back just a little bit before my graduation to Memorial Day weekend. My family and I took a day trip down to the beach to go boating with a very close family friend of ours. I was there with my mom, my siblings, my aunt, and a close friend of my mom and aunts who's name is Donna. Donna was the lady who owned the boat and she also owned this little shop that's rights on the beach. The shop sold a variety of different things like tackle, fishing gear, boat supplies, food, snacks, drinks, beach toys, swimwear, and a bunch of other beach and aquatic related products. There was also a little restaurant inside. She ran the shop with her husband at the time and this other girl named Marianna who lived close by. Back to Memorial Day weekend. We get down to the beach and arrive at her store to find her and her husband there. Donna had invited us down to go boating and to have a cookout on the beach. When we arrived, her husband, Stan, stayed with the store and Donna took us out on her boat. Donna is not a very tall woman, probably about 5' 5" and had curly dark hair. She was in her late 40s at this point but was still very attractive, despite a few wrinkles. (but I find those attractive) She also had very large breasts and it was hard to look at her in her bathing suit without your eyes being sucked straight to her chest. Her boobs were very saggy but that turned me on even more. However, the whole time on the boat the thing I was staring at the most were her feet. Her feet were so adorable. They were very small and her soles were very mature. All her toes were about the same length and looked so "suckable". She also had some amazing wrinkles on the bottom of her feet, mostly because of her age, but I wanted to bury my face so deep into her feet. We had been on the boat for awhile and I didn't really talk too much to Donna. She would be having conversation with my mom and aunt and I was more focused on her feet in the black flip flops she was wearing. However at one point I had tuned into the conversation and caught the very end. I wasn't listening to the full chat so I'm not entirely sure as to exactly what they were discussing, but I very distinctly remember hearing Donna say "Oh yeah I absolutely love having my feet touched". Within about 4 seconds of hearing those words I felt an errection coming on and I quickly adjusted my seating to try and stop it from growing. The conversation ended pretty soon after that and they started talking about other stuff so I'm not too sure exactly how the conversation started, but those words stuck in my head for the rest of the day. The rest of the time on the boat I was imagining giving her a foot massage and rubbing my face all over her wrinkly, mature soles. I honestly wanted to tell her right then and there that I would touch her feet whenever she wanted. Later on that night after our cookout and right before we were about to head back home, Donna came up to me to ask me a question. She told me that Marianna was going to be out of the country for all of summer and there would be some very specific weeks during summer that she would need some extra help. She explained how there are always certain weeks during summer when the shop is very busy and instead of having to go through the whole process of hiring someone, she wanted to just bring in someone who she knew and pay then under the table. Of course, me thinking about her words on the boat earlier, I immediately agreed and told her whatever week she needed me I would be ready. She took down my cell phone number and told me she looked forward to it. By the middle of summer I had completely forgot about the whole ordeal, until one day when I got a text from Donna asking if I was still interested in helping out in the shop. Almost instantly, my mind jumps straight to Donna's feet and how she said she loved to have them touched. I responded quicker than lighting and told her I was ready to work. She told me that she lived in an apartment now and I would stay there with her. (She had lived in a house back during Memorial Day and originally told me I would stay in the guest bedroom there) I wasn't sure why she lived in an appartment now but I didn't care. All I could think about were those mature wrinkly feet and those adorable little toes. That Sunday night I was all packed and made the 2 hour drive down to the beach to start working Monday morning. The whole way down I tried to think of clever things to say and do to try and get to touch Donna's feet. I came up with a few decent schemes. Upon arriving at the apartment, I was surprised to only see her there. It had only been a few months but Donna looked very different. She seemed very stressed out and looked kind of sad in a way. I asked her where Stan was and she told me that her and Stan had just gotten a divorce. She mentioned how she wanted to get in touch with me sooner but had been dealing with the divorce and could only contact me now. The divorce was also why she lived in the apartment now. She then told me about how she needed a lot of extra help now because she no longer had Stan there to help in the shop. Thinking back on it, in the car on the way home from being there for Memorial Day I remembered my mother and aunt talking about how they both thought Donna and Stan were going to divorce soon. As Donna continued to tell me what had happened she began to cry. I didn't know what to do so I gave her a hug and tried to console her. She ended up crying in my arms for about 3-4. After she had dried her tears, she told me we had a big day ahead of us and I needed to get some sleep. Her apartment was only a single bedroom so I had to sleep on the couch but I was okay with that. Mostly because I wasn't too far from the door where all her shoes were. About an hour after Donna was asleep I made my way over to her shoe collection and began sniffing every pair I could see. The two stinkiest shoes there were a pair of red flats and some black toms. I brought one of each to the bathroom and alternated sniffing them while I masturbated. They smelled so good I came in about 2 minutes. The next day we woke up ridiculously early and headed to the shop to open up. I ran the cash register and helped cook some food while Donna handled everything else. (There were two Hispanic cooks there who worked in the little restaurant and only one of them could speak English. There were both amazing chefs and showed me how to work wonders when you are limited on supply's. Aside from that, Donna pretty much took care of everything. I watched her all day work so hard and constantly search for busy work like she had a manager scrutinizing her. I could tell she was just trying to keep her mind focused on work though. I figured. I might be able to use this as a golden opportunity. After a a very long day at the shop, we finally got to head back to Donna's apartment. There was only one shower so we had to take turns and I went first. When I was out I went into the living room to find Donna sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine. I sat down next to her and began to make my move. I still remember this moment like it was yesterday. "Wow" I said, "you worked really hard today Miss Donna. I didn't realize you had to do all those tasks by yourself". She responded with "Well it happens when you add another persons responsibilities to yours (referring to her ex husbands old duties) but it's okay it helps me to keep my mind off things". "Yeah I guess that's a plus", I said. Donna followed with "It is. And plus, I love my little shop. Now that Stan is gone the store is really all I have". She took a sip of her wine and I paused for a moment because the conversation started to get a bit sad. After about 10 seconds of silence I said "Well I'm sure you're still extremely tired and worn out from today. Would you like a foot massage or anything?" Immediately her eyes got wide and she said "Oh please that would be lovely" with a slight tone of excitement. She chugged the rest of her wine, poured herself another glass, reclined back in the couch and placed both of her barefeet right into my lap. I took one glance at her mature soles and my dick instantly started getting hard. Unlike with Amanda, I didn't want her to see my boner because I was a little less sure of how she would react. Plus I was wearing athletic shorts and it would have been very noticeable. I grabbed her left foot and began to massage. The feeling of my thumbs pressing into her wrinkly, mature, sweaty feet was driving me crazy. It had only been about 10 seconds of me massing her and I was already having trouble resisting the urge to lift her foot up and lick all over her soles. I was squeezing my thighs together very hard to try and keep my penis in place. I was in heaven. I had always wanted to do things with an older women's foot and now that dream was coming true. I began to massage the right one and then after awhile I would alternate back and forth. For about the first five or so minutes we didn't talk much. She was scrolling through Facebook or something on her phone and I was sitting there trying not to show that this was the time of my life. After about five minutes she put her phone down, drank some more wine, and said "You know, I absolutely love having my feet massaged. I just love when my feet are touched". She then rested her head back on the arm of the couch and closed her eyes. Donna then said "Feel free to go as long as you want. I'm in no rush". And neither was I. I continued to massage her feet for another 15 minutes. She kept her eyes closed the whole time and didn't say much except for the occasional "Oooo that feels great" which made my dick even harder. After awhile of her having her head cocked back I decided to release the grip on my thighs and let my penis be free. It was getting so uncomfortable and she wasn't looking now anyways. I also used this time to stare intensely at her feet. Since she wasn't looking the whole 15 minutes of massaging, my eyes were fixed on her feet the whole entire time. I couldn't look away. They were just so beautiful I wanted to lick them so bad. I debated in my head for so long whether or not I should try and take things a step further or not. She seemed to really enjoy it and claimed to love having her feet touched so why wouldn't she want to have her toes sucked and her soles licked? I finally came to a decision and I waited patiently for her next occasion "that feels so good". After awhile she said it again "Oh yeah that feels great". This was about her 7th or 8th time saying it so I said back to her "You really do like having your feet touched don't you Miss Donna?" "Oh yeah", she started "ever since I was younger I've always loved massages and having my feet touched or played with". I then said "Well we can do this again tomorrow after work if you'd like. You have very pretty feet." "Do you think so?" She said as she sat up and opened her eyes. I wasn't expecting this and didn't have time react and hide my errection and before I knew it she was making direct eye contact with my throbbing hard penis poking up in my shorts. "Oh my" she said as she blushed and smirked. I quickly said "Oh ummmmm" as I stuffed my dick back in between my thighs as best as I could. I tried to act as if I was nervous even though I could tell by the look on her face that things were going to go how I wanted them to. I looked at her and we made a silent eye contact for about 4 seconds until she said "So I'm guess you have a foot fetish". With a slightly embarrassed tone of voice I responded with "Well, maybe just a little bit" followed by a wink. Donna then said "I could pretty much tell by the way you were rubbing my feet. It's okay honey you're lucky. Remember I love to have my feet touched". She gestured with her eyes for me to continue giving her the massage. This was exactly what I wanted to hear. Now I just had to find a way to get my tongue on her foot. I massaged for about a minute and a half, this time more smooth and seductively, and then I asked "So Miss Donna, when you say you love having your feet touched, what other kinds of ways do you like?" "Why", she responded "do you want to touch them in a different way?" Without saying a word I lifted up her left foot to my mouth and took a nice long suck on her big toe. My heart was pounding. Did I just go too far to soon? But what happened next changed me. Donna leaned her head back down on the arm of the chair, closed her eyes, and said "Carry on". Was as this a dream? I honestly could not believe this was actually happening to me. I looked at her foot and pressed it firmly into my face. I could feel all her wrinkles on my lips and nose I wanted to cum right in that moment. I then daringly placed my tongue on her heel and pressed it hard into her foot and licked all the way up the bottom of her mature foot. Before going any further I looked at her to see her reaction and found her lying there with a grin on her face looking content. I grabbed her other foot and buried my face right into both of her feet. I then proceeded to lick the bottoms of her feet and suck on her toes for about 5 minutes. I stopped for a second to say something to her but she quickly stood up and dragged me into her bedroom. Donna then pushed me onto her bed and pulled off my shorts and underwear without any warning. She hopped onto the bed and started to give me a footjob. This was my first and only footjob, even to this day. Surprisingly, unlike many other foot fetishists, I'm not very into footjobs and it took her awhile to make me cum from this. But after awhile I finally did cum all over her feet. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up and then came back and her and I proceeded to talk. She told me about how she was never into feet until her first boyfriend. The first guy she dated was the guy she lost her virginity to and she was very in love with him. He had a serious foot fetish and although she wasn't really into that, she would do foot related things for him because she wanted him to be happy. She told me that he loved foot jobs and after awhile of them doing stuff, she started to develop a love for having her feet touched. Unfortunately that guy broke her heart but she kept her love for her feet. She also told me about how she met her first husband in the library at college because she caught him checking out her feet and she seduced him with her feet. Stan also had a thing for feet, also one of the reasons they were married, but she said that he always told her that her feet "just weren't right" although he would still make love to them and lick and kiss them. This had nothing to do with why they divorced but it definitely didn't help. After she finished filling me in on all her past feet romances, she asked about my past experiences and also what I like to do best with feet. I told her about Amanda and some other girls (sorry no spoilers for future stories) and also that my favorite thing to do was to lick a girls feet while getting a handjob. She told me that she had seen that in porn but had never done it then immediately stuck her foot in my face. I assumed she wanted to do it so I began to passionately lick the bottom of her foot. I pressed my tounge so hard into her soles to make sure I felt every single wrinkle. Once she started giving the handjob I was in heaven. Since I had already had an orgasm tonight it was taking me awhile to cum and I told her it might take some time. She then did something I would have never guessed. "We're not telling your mom about this right?" she asked. "No way!" I said "this stays between you and me". Without a word she then got completely naked and sat down right on my penis. Yes. Miss Donna and I were having sex. Actual sex with a women close to 50. Could this day get any better? And I no longer had to sleep on the couch. Well the next day at work we eyeballed each other the whole time and rushed back to her apartment after closing and quickly began to make love. Of course there was also foreplay, especially foot related roleplay. And that continued every day until I had to drive back home. I told her that I would come down again soon and she told me that I had to. And two weeks later I went down for another week and we did the exact same thing again every single night. And the best part was, she had past the point where she could have children and I was able to cum inside of her without a condom. It was the perfect situation. Unfortunately, Miss Donna began feeling guilty after awhile. Not only was she having a romance with a kid who just graduated high school but with her close friends son. And this hit her eventually. I understand now that she was still a little bit of a wreck from the divorce and this was not normal behavior for her. We had a long talk about it on my last trip down to the beach and we decided to call it quits. I didn't exactly want to, to be honest I wanted to marry her, but it was for the best. Our final time having sex was magical and she let me have one last session with her feet. I have never licked a pair of feet as hard as I did this time and her feet were soaking wet with slobber. I still think about her almost every day and I masturbate to mental images of her considerably more than I do to porn. I currently barely watch porn because I have a such a huge mental library of experiences that turn me on way more than porn. Most of that is due to her. Sometime I still text her or call her because I can't get her out of my head. But we talk less and less as the days go by. Sorry for a not-too-happy ending but that's how the story goes and as much as I want to I can't change the situation. Hope you all enjoyed! More stories on the way very soon. Thanks
  7. Barbara’s Sexy Arches and Soles on the Couch (Full HD) Barbara is tall 5 feet 10 inches 177 cm, 59 KG / 130 LBS and very sexy girl, yet she has 7 US /37 EU size, high arched sexy feet. She kneels on the couch and lets you see her sexy arches and soles in close-up. This sexy bare feet and soles show clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 4:13 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. Clip details and preview images at: https://www.wantfeet.com/product/barbaras-sexy-arches-soles-couch/
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  9. Tiffany’s Sexy Freshly Pedicured Feet Show (Full HD) Tiffany is 24 years old college student with perfect silky long soles and freshly pedicured red painted sexy toes. She shows her sexy and perfect toes and feet when she rests them on the couch. You will feel her fragrance of her super sexy toes and feet. This great sexy feet show clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 3:34 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. You can check the preview images and the clip details at: http://www.wantfeet.com/product/tiffanys-sexy-freshly-pedicured-feet-show/
  10. Sexy feet in the shower. She has sexy toes and arches.
  11. Sexy Candid Feet Photos

    Sexy Candid Feet Photos
  12. Fountain and wet feet

    Modern fountain in the city. Girls running on the wet surface. Wet and dirty feet. More https://fountain-feet.blogspot.com
  13. Relaxing Feet on the Street

    It´s early April. The weather is nice, a bright sun and rather warm. People are still wearing heavy jackets but the temperature has reached spring level. Close to the wall, where it´s no wind, you can get a bit of a summer feeling. These young ladies did, enjoying the barefoot feeling for the first time.
  14. Sexy Female Feet and Soles

    These girls love showing their sexy bare feet and soles.
  15. Rachel is a hot college student with 7 size sexy feet and dark pink polished toe nails. She places a pack of chocolate cake and crushes and smashes to pulp under her sexy bare feet. She makes the cake completely flat with the pressure of her sexy soles. At the end of the video she shows her both soles while standing on the remains of the cake. This great bare feet cake smashing & crushing clip is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 for high quality and running time is 2:25 minutes. All videos on this store are Full HD and recorded with a professional camera. You can check the preview images at: http://www.crushparadise.com/product/rachels-bare-feet-cake-smashing/